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Thank You Father

Dear Father,

I wanted to thank you for Christmas.  We had a really fun time giving gifts to each other.  I got some really neat things.  Sister got just what she wanted too.  We even had a paper ball fight with the wrapping paper.  It was really fun.  We had to quit because mom said we were getting too carried away and were going to break something.

Dad said that giving each other gifts was to remind us of the best gift ever.  He said that You gave us Your Son Jesus.  He said that we can call You Father because You sent Jesus to die for our sins.  Thank you so much for that.  I like having a Father in heaven.  Dad says that one day we will all get to live with You like forever.  That will be so cool.

I sure hope You had a good Christmas in heaven.  I bet that it was even better than ours because You have the best gift up there now.  Dad says we don’t know when, but some day You will send Jesus back to bring us all to heaven.  Then we will all have the best Christmas together.

Yours truly,