A “church” is a called out group of believers. Those believers are also individually and collectively, servants of Jesus Christ. To “minister” means to serve. Here are some of the ways that we serve the body of Christ and the people of mid-Missouri.

  • Worship Services
    Armstrong Baptist Church enjoys a very traditional Baptist worship service. A relaxed, yet God honoring simple service employing mostly traditional hymns, special music by our gifted members, and a Biblically based exposition of the Scriptures.
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  • Sunday School
    Sunday School at Armstrong Baptist Church is a place of learning for all ages. Children and Adults alike have the opportunity to be grounded in the faith, and continue a life-long learning and growing process.
  • Ladies’ Breakfast
    One Saturday morning around Mother’s Day, the men of Armstrong Baptist Church let the Ladies enjoy a good breakfast without lifting a finger.  This event is a much anticipated event for many of the women, both young and not so young, of Armstrong.
  • Men’s Breakfast
    On select Saturday morinings, dedicated, steely eyed, spatuala weilding men, roll out of bed early to serve breakfast to the men of the Armstrong area. A great time of fellowship and of outreach is had by all, not to mention a delicious, hearty, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast.
  • Cantatas
    Armstrong Baptist Church has been thrilled to host the Armstrong Community Choir as they have presented musical cantatas to the Mid-Missouri area for many years at Easter and at Christmas.  In fact the 2018 Easter Cantata marked 60 years of performances.  The Armstrong Community Choir is always looking for new talent.  In fact they have even been know to accept “ringers” from out of town.  Come to sing, or come to enjoy, just don’t miss these special celebrations of worship to our God and Savior.

Mininistries for All

As you can see there is a place of service for all at Armstrong Baptist Church. There is:

  • A Place to hear
    The life changing truth of the Word of God is central to every ministry of Armstrong Baptist Church. Unbelievers are continually presented with the opportunity to hear and respond to the truth of God’s Word.
  • A Place to grow
    Every parent is overjoyed at the birth of their new child. That cute helpless bundle of joy is a delight to hold and watch. However, to learn and to grow is the natural order of things. At twenty years of age, you want to see that same child self-sufficient and out making their mark on the world.
    The same is true for a newborn child of God, regardless of at what age they believe and are born. We rejoice at that precious spiritual birth. But we also desire to see every child of God learn, grow, and mature.
  • A Place to serve
    As the child of God grows and matures, they are ready to take the gifts that God has given them and begin to serve others. Helping others grow and mature, seeing the church of God flourish, and being a part of making those things happen, is the privilege and fulfillment that Jesus wants for every member of His body.

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