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Let There Be Change

New Year’s Day is always one week to the day after Christmas.  It is very fitting that this is the case.  To truly “get” Christmas always calls for change.  What kind of change has Christmas called for in your life?

Making the Leap

We saw in “Let There Be Light” how a group of shepherds were going through another routine night watching their sheep.  Suddenly the night was anything but routine.

The appearance of an angel, the light of the glory of the Lord, a revelation of the Savior’s birth, and a heavenly multitude praising God made the night extremely extraordinary.

The shepherds journeyed to Bethlehem to see if these things were so.  Was there really lying in a manger in the City of David, a Savior who was the Messiah and the Lord?

When they got to the manger and found Jesus, these shepherds were never the same again.  They immediately made known what had been told them about this special child so that all that heard marveled at what they were being told.

As they left the city, they did so as men who had been changed.  Coming in they were still probably wondering what they would find.  Would they really find the Messiah lying in a manger?  Could they really have seen and heard a heavenly chorus? What did any of this mean to their life?

Having found Jesus just as they were told, they knew the truth.  “the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them.” (Luke 2:20)

These men were changed!  They were now praisers of God.  They continually gave Him glory.  They were never the same again.

Anyone who truly sees who Jesus is; that He is the unique Son of God, who left heaven to come and die for their sins, can never be the same again. Change MUST come!  How could you not praise God and continually give Him glory.

Have you really celebrated Christmas recently?  Is the change evident in your life?  Let There Be Change!